10 Clever Bathroom Cleaning Tips From The Pros

Keeping a bathroom clean on a regular basis can be difficult, especially if you have a large family. If you were to compare your bathroom to one in a nice hotel then you know there would be no comparison at all.

Hotel bathrooms, more often than not, are kept luxuriously clean and serve as a great escape. If you wish that you could get your bathroom up to hotel standards then here are some house cleaning tips from professional cleaners. Check them out to learn more about effective bathroom house cleaning so you won’t need to frequently rely on maid service.


Step 1: Dust and Vacuum

One of the biggest factors that make a  hotel bathroom so perfectly clean is the dedication to making sure the bathroom is dust and hair free. This means doing preliminary dusting and vacuuming. Leave no element out. Use micro-fiber cloths to clean every shelf and lighting fixture.

Steam cleaners can also remove dust mites and clean the surface of different fixtures in the bathroom such as freestanding tubs and washing machine. Also, do not forget to remove the old shower curtain and replace it after you’re done cleaning.

Step 2: Turn Up the Heat

One of the best-kept secrets of hotel bathroom cleanliness is to heat up the surface of the bathtub and tiles by ten degrees above the normal air temperature. Doing so will double how effective alkaline cleansers are. The quickest way to heat the tiles and tub is to use the hottest water from the tap.

Hot water or warm water helps to quickly weaken the attachment of the stain. Using it with a strong all-purpose cleaner will surely eradicate dirt in no time.

sprayer-bathroomStep 3: Time to Spray

Drain the bathtub completely. Then you want to spray your antibacterial cleaner in the tub, shower doors, on the tile walls, the counters, floor, shower heads, sink, toilet bowl and any other similar surface in your bathroom. Start from the highest surface and work your way down to avoid any overlapping.

Homemade all-purpose cleaners in spray bottles should have a good nozzle and handle for faster and safer cleaning. You will also need one if you create DIY cleaners such as those with lemon juice, eucalyptus oil, baking soda, vinegar, hydrogen peroxide and other alternatives for cleaning the sink, toilet bowl, floor, and the rest of the bathroom.

Step 4: Spreading it Out

Take a sponge, paper towels or other cleaning cloth and spread your cleaning solution evenly over the tile surfaces. This will ensure that the entire surface area gets clean. Avoid doing the commonly (and mistakenly used) step of spraying heavily in one area and simply wiping outward of that area.

Step 5: Let it Sit

Most people make the mistake of spraying cleaner and immediately wiping. Instead, you want to allow your disinfectant to sit and do its work. Let it sit for roughly five to seven minutes. This will ensure that the cleaner is at its maximum effectiveness.

Even if its a mixture of baking soda and white vinegar, it works better if it sit for a while before wiping or scrubbing. Just think about it as a general rule when using cleaning products. Let it sit for some time before wiping and rinsing.

Step 6: Time to Scrub

Now that the cleaning solution has had time to sit you want to take a non-scratch scrubbing pad or toilet brush and scrub down the tiles, shower walls and other surfaces. Scrub off hard water stains and other dirt stuck in the grout and surface. Both experts strongly recommended using Mr. Clean Magic Erasers for deep cleaning.

Step 7: Rinse it Off

Nobody wants to have a bathroom that smells like chemicals. On top of that cleaning solutions are designed to attract dirt and particles, so you want to thoroughly rinse off all of the surfaces. This is very important as it will ensure your bathroom is not dirty again overnight.

shower-head-bath Step 8: Dry it Off

After you have rinsed you want to be sure to take a towel, or any other clean, dry cotton cloth to completely and totally dry all of the surfaces. Be sure to use multiple cloths for this part. If you are drying off your bathtub with the same towel you used to dry off your toilet then you are actually undoing some of the cleaning you did.

Step 9: Mirrors and Glass

Now you need to take care of your mirrors and other glass. Simply spray the mirror and glass surfaces with glass cleaning solution and wipe them down damp cloth. Dry them by wiping with a microfiber cloth. You want the surfaces to be completely streak free.

Step 10:  Clean the Floors

Begin cleaning the bathroom floors. Start from the end of the bathroom that is opposite the door and work your way back so that when you finish you can simply back out of the bathroom and not have to double back over any of the floor.

By putting these professional tips to good use you will be able to have a bathroom that is as relaxing as it is spotless. Before long you will be wondering how you ever kept the bathroom clean without these tips. All that is left after you have finished cleaning is to congratulate yourself with a hot bath.