Neem Oil For Hair? 12 Great Ways To Improve Your Hair & Scalp

No matter what type of scalp and hair challenges you face, Neem oil can help. This versatile oil from the neem tree (Azadirachta indica) has been used in India for centuries to address a wide variety of personal care needs and to treat many different kinds of ailments.

Among the many benefits of Neem azadirachta indica is its high vitamin and fatty acid content and superior anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, natural anti-inflammatory, analgesic and healing properties, adding Neem oil for hair care is especially suited to deal with scalp and hair problems. Read on to learn 12 great ways you can add Neem oil to your hair care regimen.

Neem Oil For Hair? 12 Great Ways To Improve Your Hair & Scalp

1. Neem Oil Helps Get Beautiful Hair

Stroking just a few drops of Neem oil through your hair before brushing and styling smoothes down dry, rough spots leaving your hair shiny and manageable.

Keep your hair smooth and shiny even in high humidity by applying a very small amount of Neem seed oil to dry hair. Just rub a few drops between your palms. Stroke it through your hair and style as usual.

2. Neem Oil Shampoo For Hair Improving The Appearance Of Split Ends

Using a small amount of organic Neem oil regularly as a hair dressing will help improve the appearance of split ends. For added conditioning, mix a half dozen drops of pure Neem oil with about a teaspoon of carrier oil. Some good essential oils for use as a carrier oil include:

Massage the mixture into your scalp and comb it through your hair. Leave this mixture in place for several hours and wash using a mild shampoo.

Be careful not to strip the oil from your hair. Your goal is to leave a very fine film in place to impart shine and manageability and to get split ends under control.

You can do this treatment at bedtime and wrap your head in a towel overnight to prevent damage to your linens and to help the oil soak in.

Alternately, you could wear your hair in a protective style such as a bun or braids and simply go about your business. If you don’t overdo it, the extra oil makes a nice hair dressing.

3. Get Frizzy Hair Under Control

When you wash your hair, put a few drops of Neem oil in the palm of your hand before dispensing your shampoo. Mix the two in your palms and stroke through your hair. Don’t scrub as this will tangle and damage your hair.

Leave the shampoo in place for about five minutes before rinsing. Neem oil will rehydrate your hair making it shinier and more manageable.

4. Scalp Treatment

Excessive production of sebum can cause clogged pores on the scalp. This can block hair growth and cause thinning hair, damage to hair roots and inflammation.

Massaging your scalp with a Neem oil mixture stimulates blood circulation and gently cleans and nourishes the scalp getting into the hair follicles. The anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory properties of neem oil help heal the scalp and improve its condition.

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5. Treat Scalp Eczema

Neem added to your shampoo and conditioner and used as a scalp treatment and hair dressing will help keep scalp problems such as eczema and psoriasis under control. Because it has very powerful anti-inflammatory properties, Neem oil for skin can provide many of the same benefits as a cortisone cream.

Regular use of the oil can help reduce itching, pain, swelling and redness on areas of the scalp affected by eczema. It can also treat other skin problems such as rashes and acne breakouts. The glycerides and essential fatty acids found in Neem oil soak deeply into the skin deeply and help soothe and heal damage while moisturizing and providing a protective barrier.

6. Get Rid Of Dry Scalp & Dandruff

Dandruff is caused by fungal infections. Neem oil is effective as an antifungal agent when used against many different types of human fungi (even Candida).

Use of a dandruff shampoo that contains Neem oil will help reduce dandruff and balance the pH level of your scalp. Alternately, you can just add Neem oil to the shampoo you currently use.

7. Grow Thicker, Longer, Healthy Hair

Because Neem oil is rich in antioxidants, it can protect your scalp against damage from free radicals. It prevents hair loss and urges the hair to grow longer and thicker.

Its healing, regenerative and medicinal properties improve the overall health of your scalp so it can recover from damage caused by environmental toxins, medications, stress and other causes.

Massaging Neem oil into the scalp once or twice a week increases blood circulation and stimulates hair growth.

8. Pre-Shampoo Treatment For Natural Hair

If you are in the process of growing out chemically straightened, permed or color treated hair, Neem oil can help. Mix up a “pre-poo” conditioning treatment consisting of:

  • Three Tbsp Shea butter
  • One Tsp Neem oil

Massage this mixture into your scalp and stroke it through your hair at bedtime. Wrap your hair in a towel to protect your linens and help the oils soak in. Wash as usual in the morning. This combination is also very good for controlling dandruff and conditioning dry, itchy scalp.

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9. Treat Head Lice Naturally

The Azadirachtin in Neem oil is a powerful insect repellent and natural insecticide that can kill off head lice and nits without the use of toxic chemicals. To treat head louse , follow these steps:

  • Wash the hair thoroughly with shampoo with Neem oil added. Let the shampoo stay on the hair for a minimum of ten minutes.
  • Rinse thoroughly with very warm water and apply a leave-in conditioner with Neem oil added. Again, allow the product to sit on the hair for 10 minutes.
  • Towel dry and apply pure Neem oil to the scalp and hair.
  • Comb through the hair with a nit comb.
  • Be sure to put nits and lice in a plastic bag, seal it and dispose of it properly.
  • Cover the hair with plastic wrap and put on a disposable plastic shower cap.
  • Wear plastic and shower cap overnight.

You must do this every day for 14 days to ensure that all lice at all life stages are killed. [2]

PubMed stated that Neem was – “highly effective in vitro against head lice. The neem shampoo was more effective than the permethrin-based product.”

10. Treat Yourself To A Deep Conditioning Hot Oil Treatment

Give yourself a home spa day at least once a month and treat your hair and scalp to a hot oil treatment!

  • Combine about 20 drops of Neem oil with a couple of ounces of your favorite carrier oil. Increase or decrease the amount depending upon the length of your hair. You will want to have enough oil to make your hair and scalp quite oily.
  • Warm the oils by placing the bottles in a container of very warm water. Don’t make it too hot as this will interfere with the benefits of neem oil.
  • Massage the mixture into your scalp and stroke it through your hair.
  • Wrap your head in a very warm towel to help the oil soak into your hair and scalp deeply.
  • Rest and relax for 15 minutes to half-an-hour before washing the oil out of your hair. For complete relaxation, apply a facial mask, turn on some quiet music, put up your feet and close your eyes.

TIP: If you find it difficult to wash the oil out of your hair, or if you just don’t like the oiliness in your shower or tub, remove excess oil with cornstarch before washing your hair.

To do this, sprinkle cornstarch over your hair and tousle it through the hair. Let it sit for 5-10 minutes and then brush it out. You may wish to step outside or lay some newspaper on the floor to catch the cornstarch as you brush it out.

11. Turn Your Hot Oil Treatment Into A Healthy Hair Masque

Add essential oils or other active ingredients for added benefits!

  • For aromatherapy benefits, add 6-12 drops of oil of lavender or other aromatic oil of your choosing.
  • For added dandruff control benefits, add 6-12 drops of oil of lemon or tea tree oil.
  • For extra conditioning, stir in a teaspoon of all-natural, local honey.
  • For an intensive protein treatment, stir in an egg yolk.

12. Correct Premature Graying

If your hair is going prematurely gray, regular use of Neem oil may be able to help reverse the damage. Although graying caused by aging is not reversible, graying caused by imbalanced hormones, stress, illness or other treatable problems may respond very well to treatment with Neem oil used in any of the ways suggested here.

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How To Add Neem Tree Oil To Your Shampoo

Improving your shampoo with a few drops of this fabulous oil is an easy way to boost the quality of your hair care routine.

Begin by making sure your shampoo is high quality and natural. It should not contain harsh chemicals, coloring and additives. Gentle, all-natural liquid castile soaps are a good choice as shampoo. Those made with almond oil are especially gentle and nourishing.

To add Neem seed oil to your shampoo, mix at a rate of 6-12 drops of Neem oil per teaspoon of shampoo. You’ll need to experiment with this a bit to see what works best on your hair.

The easiest way to combine the ingredients is to simply mix them up in the palm of your hand when you shampoo your hair. If you do mix your ingredients up in advance, make small batches. Neem oil mixed with a soap or detergent will break down within a few days and lose many of its benefits.

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There Are Many Good Reasons To Use Neem Oil On Your Hair

Pure neem oil is a safe and affordable alternative to the chemical laden hair products available on the market today. It is easy to find online or at your local health food store.

Clearly, adding this all-natural, healing oil to your hair care routines is a simple and smart way to improve your scalp health, dry skin and your good looks! Follow the advice presented here to reap endless neem oil benefits.