21 Mad Genius Hacks For Kitchen Mastery


We all want to make our work easier and the time we spend in the kitchen is no different. However, it really takes things up a notch when we can make things with ease but also some creativity.

This collection of mad genius kitchen hacks – mainly in video – will give you some new “tools” to make food prep easier, less stress and impress family and guest! Enjoy!

Make A Perfect Edible Chocolate Cups For Your Desserts

At your next party, wow your guest with mind boggling technique by creating bowls made out of milk chocolate. You’ll need balloons, and some melted chocolate. The video shows how quick and easy!

Blow up the balloons and dip some chocolate onto a flat surface, such as a baking pan. Cover the rounded end of the balloon with chocolate, and set onto the chocolate you dipped on the pan.

Wait around 20 minutes, then pop the balloons. You’ll be left with solid bowls of chocolate. Perfect for holding candy, and since you can eat the bowl, requires no cleanup.

Hull Strawberries with a Straw

Ever wonder how restaurants have perfectly hulled strawberries every single time? They must use some sort of expensive tool to get it done… right?

Well now you could hull your own strawberries at home in no time at all using a plastic straw! Check to out!

How to Vacuum Seal Your Food

Now you can freeze anything and make food last twice as long!

Bananas: Pick… Stay Fresh Longer Or Ripen Faster

Keeping Bananas Fresh Longer

Here we have 2 genius banana hacks. Let’s first look at keeping them fresh longer.

One thing that drives me absolutely crazy is buying a bunch of bananas and only eating 2 or 3 before they start getting brown and discolored.

You’ve tried storing them in the refrigerator. There is a science behind keeping your bananas from turning brown.


All you need is a little plastic wrap and a little know how and you won’t have to worry about discoloration again. Details at: Keep Bananas Fresh Longer

How to Ripen Bananas Quickly

Bananas are always a delicious fruit, but are often one of two things: too ripe, or not ripe enough.

I’ll be trying this technique soon to ripen some bananas for a favorite… banana bread.

Eggs – A Kitchen Essential

Eggs somehow find their way into so many dishes… from making cakes to topping off our salads. Here are some mad genius egg hacks!

Easy Hard “Boiled” Eggs

The trick to this method is not boiling the eggs, but baking them.

Perfect hard “boiled eggs” every time without the hassle. All you need is a muffin pan and 325 degree oven, 30 minutes and a bowl of cold side water.

I like using the muffin pan… baking eggs on an oven rack looks like a disaster waiting to happen.



  • First preheat the oven to 325, then place the eggs directly on the rack of the oven
  • Bake the eggs for thirty minutes
  • When done, make sure to have a nice bowl of cold water waiting. place the eggs into a bowl of cold water
  • Peel when eggs are cooled enough to handle

source: greetingsfromtheasylum.com

How to Poach Eggs in a Strainer

A genius trick for poaching eggs in a mesh strainer.

Now… let’s do a dozen at a time!

How to Poach a Dozen Eggs

How To Tell if an Egg is Good or Bad

Forget the expiration date on the egg carton… You can tell if an egg is bad or not by checking to see if they float.

How to Separate Eggs with a Water Bottle

Need to make meringue, custard, macarons, pudding or anything else requiring you to separate a whole bunch of eggs at once? You only need a water bottle!

How to Peel Hard-Boiled Eggs with a Spoon

Hard boiled eggs are easy to make… but the task of peeling the egg is no fun… especially when the egg is still hot or you’re in a rush. Find how a spoon can help peel your egg easily.

Bacon – A Delicious Guilty Pleasures

Mini Bacon Egg Cups


Oh bacon, you are one of the most delicious guilty pleasures of all times. Since bacon never goes out of style it’s only right we keep reinventing ways to enjoy it.

How about your own mini bacon egg cups for the entire family. All you need is a muffin tin and a little know how and you’re all set. Enjoy!

Bacon Weave

Everyone at one time or another sat down to eat one of America’s favorite sandwiches, the B.L.T. But often, there’s not enough B, and too much L and T.

Now with this fun and useful tip that issue is a thing of the past. Give the B.L.T the respect it deserves with a bacon weave!

How to Make Bacon Cinnamon Rolls

When cinnamon rolls and bacon come together in perfect harmony the sky is the limit. This little treat is sure to bring your taste buds to life the second you take your very first bite.

With a little know how and a pre-heated over set at 350 degree, you will be well on your way to serving your family and friends a unique treat they are sure to love. Just remember to save a piece for yourself.

Dental Floss For Perfect Cuts!

How to Cut Cake Layers with Dental Floss

To cut a layer cake to perfection… use dental floss.


A genius trick for slicing soft cheeses or doughs with dental floss.

How to Make No-Fry Taco Shells

Who doesn’t love themselves some crispy delicious taco shells? If you’re anything like me then the store brand taco shells just don’t cut it any more. All you need is a pack of tortillas and some simple instructions and your done. It doesn’t get much easier then this.

Here’s another approach… enjoy the crunch!


It’s Always Better With Ice Cream

How to Make Instant Ice Cream

To make easy instant ice cream… it all starts with frozen bananas!

Transfer to a food processor. Finely chop… gradually add milk while until a thick consistency. Add chocolate chips and pulse… Simple, easy instant ice cream that only takes a minute to make! Enjoy

How to Make Perfect Ice Cream Sandwiches

One thing kids absolutely love are ice cream sandwiches. Now you can make your very own at home in just a couple of minutes.

You need is a pint of your favorite ice cream, a few nice sized cookies and a knife. So easy you’ll ask yourself why you haven’t done it years ago.

How to Make Spring Rolls with Sandwich Bread

Spring rolls but no wonton wrappers! Just use everyday sandwich bread and follow these instructions. You’ll be amazed at how easy it is.

How to Revive Stale Bread

Guest coming for dinner and the bread seems a little stale! This helpful tip to revive stale bread is super easy to do. Fresh clean water, a very hot over, and a little know how… Let’s eat!