Top 3 Easy-to-Grow Mosquito Repellent Plants to Keep Pests Away

We are always thinking of ways to get rid of those annoying mosquitoes when they are around. Their bites can be painful and extremely itchy, especially when you least expect them.

Many mosquito repellents and other bug repellents that contain DEET which you spray on your body might contain harmful chemicals that can cause irritation to your skin.


Some of these bug sprays are also oily don’t even last very long either as they weaken over time. Natural mosquito repellents like lemon balm, peppermint essential oil, rosemary, lemon grass, the mint family like horsemint, basil, lavender, neem oil, and lemon thyme can all help. Better still, however, for repelling these bugs involves the use of various plants like scented geraniums that you can grow all around your property.

These plants make effective mosquito repellent as they are capable of producing scents that can repel insects with ease.In fact, some of these plants provide effective mosquito control because they come from real living materials, produce a nice smell and don’t contain man-made chemicals and make repelling mosquitoes easy.

The extracts and other compounds used from some of these plants are used in many products but are only going to work for a brief period of time. They are not as potent because they don’t come from living plants. The actual plants that you can grow contain all the necessary compounds you need to keep it functional.

The three most natural insect repellent plants you can grow are all useful but it helps to see how you are growing them and how they are being applied. It helps to observe how you are growing them but the positive side of it is that you won’t struggle with trying to get them to grow when used right.

Here are the top three plants that deter mosquitoes. Read on to learn more


CitronellaCitronella geranium has long been used in a number of bug repellent and mosquito repellent products but it’s best to use it in its natural plant form.

Growing natural citronella plants works great in that you can keep those plants functional and beautiful for a long time. This perennial plant is a clumping grass plant that grows to be several feet in height.

Some plants can grow to be about six feet in height. This is large enough to produce a great scent while still being long to where you can harvest parts of the plant and have it added to many areas in your home.

The scent that the citronella plant produces is much more effective and long-lasting than any candle or spray that contains citronella extract. Also, this plant can be grown in a variety of spaces although it might be best to plant it in a garden bed when it gets to be rather large in size.

This does well in sunny climates although it does need drainage. Also, it grows best when treated with a nitrogen-based fertilizer. This helps to make the plant healthier and stronger.

This will have to be replanted every spring. Citronella does not handle frosty conditions well. Also, while it does regrow well, you will have to look at how well the plant can handle the harvesting process in general.

Citronella mosquito repellent products such as mosquito repellent candles, essential oils, and scents make great insect repellents too. You can make your own homemade mosquito repellent or buy these items from your local supply store.


CatnipThe catnip plant is another prominent mosquito repellent plant to grow in your garden. Various studies have found that catnip is several times more effective than DEET when it comes to stopping mosquitoes.

This makes catnip plant mosquito repellent a safer and easier to use option to deter mosquitoes. While catnip is heralded as a plant that is very attractive to cats, it has a scent that repels many insects.

This disturbs insects and keeps them from moving into certain areas. This is ideal to add to your property and can even be crushed and spread into a number of areas around your home.Catnip is also very easy to grow in most climates.

Therefore, you can harvest some of the catnip and spread it around your property while still having more than enough of the plant to grow back and be used again later on for your future needs.You will have to watch for how this plant can be used.

This is a natural weed that can spread quickly into other parts of a flower bed. It might be easier for you to plant catnip into a series of containers spread around your property. Also, you should try and avoid keeping it too far from your cats if you have any of those pets in your house as catnip is something very attractive to them.


MarigoldThe marigold is noted for its bright yellow appearance. It is a hardy plant with a strong bloom that has a beautiful look that you are bound to enjoy having in your garden.

But one thing that many people forget about when it comes to the marigold comes from how this plant offers a scent that mosquitoes are repelled by.

It should be strong enough to last for a long time and really be useful for your general needs. Marigold seeds grow best when they are in sunny areas. Also, it can reseed itself if taken care of properly.

You might have to trim the flowers on occasion to ensure that they can continue to grow and produce the scents that they are known for. You can always spread old leaves and materials around different parts of your property provided that their scents are still intact and noticeable.

These can be planted in a variety of pots and other containers around your property. You could also plant them in a larger garden bed if you have a huge amount of them to work with. They can do really well when placed near vegetable plants as they can repel many pests that can consume tomatoes and other plants.

But the ability of the plant to repel mosquitoes makes it a very popular choice for you to have around your home.All three of these choices are clearly better to use than traditional repellents and other treatments that might not last for as long as you wish they could. Check out all of these solutions when you’re looking to keep mosquitoes from annoying you and your family.

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