Quality H20 – Homemade Water Filter

Homemade Water FilterKeeping your family safe is your number one priority as a wife, husband, father, mother, or even sister or brother. But how can you keep them safe when so many things are out there that could harm them? Well, one way you can start is by cleaning up the water that they drink by using tap water or clean water that removes impure water, contaminants, and even bottled water. This process is called water filtration.

Drinking water that comes out of the tap can be contaminated with bacteria and even particles of who knows what. Good water filtration systems can take care of a lot of those things but they can be expensive. One of them is the reverse osmosis process which removes ions, molecules and large particles from drinking water.

Also, the Berkey water filter may seem economical but a 2.25 gallon capacity still costs a few hundred dollars. This is why you may want to build your own water purification system. Having knowledge of how to build a DIY water filter or water purifier will increase your chances of survival if a water crisis hits the entire region.

The Bio-Filter

Step #1

One of the most commonly used homemade filters which and one of the most effective for getting out many types of additive out of your water is the bio-filter. It’s also called a biosand water filter. With this sand filter, you’re going to need a decent amount of ingredients, but it’s not difficult to put together.

  • Gravel
  • Sand
  • Activated charcoal/carbon
  • 2-liter or large bottle with twist lid
  • Cloth
  • Saw

Step #2

plastic bottleSetting it up is going to take a little bit of time and you’re going to start with cutting off the bottom section of your water container. Keep the lid on the bottom for now but know you’re going to want to be able to remove it to get the water out when you’re done.

You’re going to stick a cloth down in the bottom and make sure it’s wedged down into the lid enough that if you take the lid off it won’t come out. The cloth is going to keep everything else you’re putting in the bottle from getting out with the water.

Step #3

filter clothStand the bottle upside down so the lid is resting on the table and the cloth is at the bottom. The first layer, on top of the cloth, is going to be the activated charcoal or carbon. This is going to get rid of some of the smallest impurities because the chemicals with use a process called adsorption.

Create a flat layer that completely covers the cloth and then some. There should be a couple inches of charcoal or carbon above the cloth and down around it.

Step #4

Layer sand on top of the charcoal or carbon. This is going to get out organisms or particles or even bacteria and viruses. This layer is going to be the thickest because you want the water to work its way down through the sand.

Step #5

gravel for water filtrationGravel goes at the very top to provide a filter for larger pieces and materials.

Sticks, leaves, twigs and insects will be filtered out at this level, as will most dirt and other larger pieces of material you definitely don’t want in your water.

Step #6

sandNext, you may want to add another container underneath the bottle to catch the water as it comes through. A pail or bucket works great or a pitcher but remember you either need to build something that will hold your 2-liter bottle upright or you need to hold it until the water works its way down (which will take a while).

When you find something to set your bottle into it’s going to make sure that you have clear water when you want to come back and have something to drink.

Step #7

Add the water. You should have a good portion of the water bottle still empty at this point so pour your water into this section and wait for it to filter all the way through to the bottom. You’ll be left with water that’s far clearer than what you started with.

Step #8

fridgeYour water is going to be warm at this point because going through all of the filters and levels is going to take time. The warmth from everything around it (or even room temperature) is going to leach off into the water and you’ll end up with not so cool water.

But the good news is that your water is now clear and you’ll be able to put it in the fridge or freezer to get it to the temperature you want more quickly and without having to worry about what’s left in there that your family is going to be drinking.

Note #1

One factor to keep in mind is that this process is going to take some time. That means you’re not going to want to wait until your containers are empty before you purify water again. It could take hours for the water to work its way all the way through and then your water is going to be warm anyway and you probably won’t want to drink it.

Your best option is to filter large amounts of water at a time so you have enough for when you need it. Just keep filtering as much as you can and store it in your fridge or in a basement or other safe place.

Note #2

charcoalFinding activated charcoal or activated carbon isn’t always going to be easy. This isn’t the stuff that you use in your grill so make sure you’re looking around for something that actually says ‘activated’ and not just something that says it’s charcoal.

You want something that will really take the impurities out and while charcoal provides another layer for the water to filter through, it’s not going to get out as much of the bacteria and other pollutants as you will get with an activated product. Take the extra time to look for what you really need.

Water treatment with a homemade water filter doesn’t have to be complicated. In fact, if you follow these steps you could have your own homemade water filter in no time at all and then your entire family will be drinking something clean and clear because of you. It’s definitely going to save you money, and it could save your family from getting sick, so there’s definitely no downside to you at least checking it out and giving it a try, right? What are you waiting for?

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