Using DoTerra Essential Oils For Anxiety, Depression, And To Relieve Stress

DoTerra has been a prominent name in the world of pure essential oils for years. The company makes numerous essential oils from its headquarters not too far from Provo.

When it comes to essential oils DoTerra has been heralded as a health and wellness advocate and for its humanitarian efforts as it gives back to many international communities.

One key point about DoTerra oils is that they are made in a number of forms. Through the aromatouch technique, these aromatic compounds help relieve stress, promote sleeping, and help manage other issues for health and wellness.

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DoTerra therapeutic grade essential oils can help you improve your sense of well-being in general. Here is a closer look at how all of these can work for you in the DoTerra review.


Lavender is a very popular essential oil for how it can relieve stress and anxiety. This can help to ease one’s heart rate and calms nerves in the body. This is good for people who worry a lot and become stressed or become easily irritated.

This can be used in your bedroom to promote sleep. You can use a diffuser that will allow the lavender to gently evaporate into the air near your bed, which helps when you are trying to sleep. It improves your sleep and promotes regular sleeping pattern as it eases your nerves and enables you to feel far more relaxed.
Lavender Oils
It can also be used during the daytime. Inhaling a few drops in the morning helps you to relieve tension and pressure in your head. This allows you to have a little bit of extra control over how well you can sleep. This should make it relatively easy for you to relax and put any negative thoughts behind you.


Bergamot is known to help reduce stress. It can reduce the production of corticosterone, a compound that is produced in response to stressful situations. As this compound becomes weaker, it becomes easier for the mind to stay focused and relaxed.

Bergamot oil

It may also work in treating depression as it keeps the mind from feeling inactive and regulates a healthy balance of neurotransmitters, especially with corticosterone not being produced as much as it could.

To use this, you can simply breathe in the scent of the oil. This can be done slowly to keep it from being too intense. As you inhale the oil, you will start to feel refreshed and relaxed.

Bergamot does feel relaxing if used right. You should avoid using too much of this at a time. You have to make sure you use just a few drops at a time so it’s not all that hard for you to get the most out of it.


Chamomile has long been popular for how it can reduce stress and keep one’s thoughts under control. The essential oil relaxes stresses in the body and keeps nerves from being far too active. As the nerves are calmed, it becomes easier for the body to respond to a number of stimuli. This, in turn, improves how well the body can relax and will not be too rough to use.

Chamomile oilThis comes from a natural plant where the leaves are often prepared for use in many teas. While this has long been heralded for helping people to get to sleep, it does more to help improve how the brain works. It will ease the brain’s activity and make it easier for this critical organ to stay functional.

Chamomile even helps those who suffer from depression as it slows down how the brain produces various chemicals. It will slow down its functions to make it easier for the brain to restore its natural functions so there will be a better balance of chemicals sooner. This, in turn, reduces the threat that depression puts on the mind and body.

This work best when used at night. It can cause anyone to feel sleepy relatively quickly. It also eases the mind and keeps depression from being a real issue although it is important to see that it is used cautiously.

Ylang Ylang

Ylang Ylang oilYlang ylang has become a more prominent oil in recent times. The oil is known to help people release difficult negative emotions and attitudes that they may hold. It has a slightly sedative effect that helps to reduce stress. It can be diffused quickly and released into the air or massaged into your skin.

Ylang ylang is a great oil that is produced by a plant that is found in Indonesia. This is made with a great texture that is easy for your skin to take in and does not cause irritation.

The best part of this essential oil is that it helps to promote positive thoughts. As it restores how chemicals in the brain are produced, it will be easier for you to feel a little healthier. You will be less of a risk of wearing out and feeling overly tired when this is used properly.

A Quick Tip

When using any of these doTerra oils, you will have to look at how well they are being used. These have to be properly diluted as it is often easier for your body to take in oils when they are diluted. They will not feel as intense if used carefully.

Also, such oils can be used in a diffuser to get them into the air where you are but they can be applied onto parts of your body. You can always add a small amount of oil around the neck or your back. You have to dilute the oil, however, so it does not feel too intense and also so it will not be at risk of producing a difficult skin reaction.

All of these make for ideal doTerra oils that can help with anxiety, depression and many other similar disorders. These will ease your mind and make it easier for you to keep your mental functions in order. As a result, you will have a much better life that is free from worry and fear.